Saturday, March 31, 2012

Customer Service and Buying Local

I have been dealing with a great many companies of varying types over the past several weeks, local and national. From my perspective from this experience, our local folks stack up pretty well.

I have been dealing with estate issues after my mothers death. This is difficult under the best of circumstances but when you are faced with ill-trained and uncaring voices and faces it makes it even tougher. That is why my experiences with our local businesses this week has been a ray of sunshine. From the different restaurants, general stores, grocery stores, hardware stores and other places in Stokes County, each and every one have performed above and beyond my expectations. And it wasn't just me, I made it a point of paying attention to everyone that I saw in the stores and watched as they were treated with respect. The wait staffs were friendly and courteous, the managers of the tire shop and the hardware store were knowledgeable and pleasant. It made me feel good and helped me deal with the not so pleasant tasks that popped up during the balance of the week.

I want to say a big thank you to each and everyone of them and I am even more committed to buying local at each and every opportunity. If your experiences have been similar to mine, I hope you will join me and Think Stokes First!

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